Totalsportek alternatives


Totalsportek is a website which is famous for providing live streaming for all major sports. Its like that /r/soccerstream sub of reddit where streamers can come and post their links. totalsportek it self do not post any links they just have the portal where streamers post links of their streams in relavent matches and they links are ranked and posted in a live links thread for every game.

Apart from trom the links at you can also see, read the latest news and statistics of your favourite sports. Every major league from football, cricket, tennis, formula 1, MotoGP, boxing and MMA has the live links thread on these pages.

What are the Best Alternatives for Totalsportek?


How you can find live streaming links at TOTALSPORTEK.COM.

the homepage is your reference point. Visit the homepage at and scroll down where you will find events/matches listed according to date and time which are seperated by sports section and leagues. Once you find the match you want to see just click live stream button next to the match and it will take you to the dedicated page for that match.

Once you are on the dedicated match page of the event you watch to see, you will find information about that match when its starting and when the live links thread will be opened.